An Interesting Life

by MrWimmer

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JANX I love this album because it's sexy as hell. Keep up the suave tunes good sir ^_-

Also Golden is a damn good song. Favorite track: Golden.
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released September 26, 2014

Album Artwork by Josh Flowers
Mixing, Mastering, Recording and guitars on track 1 and 2 by Shawn Savoie
Special thanks to Curtis Ware, Leah Oakes, Isabella Cross-Najafi, Remy, and Josh Barton for providing the encouragement that made this album possible.
All downloads come with lyric sheets and track save files.



Track Name: Golden
I’m golden
But I can’t shake the feeling
that something bad’s
gonna happen to me

Here’s hoping
that it takes a few years
so I can squeeze
the last few drops of what’s left to see
this seems like
the last best chance
I have

true to myself
I’ll take this last dance
Maybe I’m not that

I know
that my only job
Is to make people feel
older than they are
Everybody loves
A falling star
Track Name: Your Way
I Don’t know
What to say
I only know
that soon I’ll be
Headed your way

You captivate me
I need to see
what you
can do for me

I don’t know
which way to go
the only paths I can see
lead to the end of the road
but I’m not done yet
so full of regret
I’d do anything
for one more chance

that’s a mighty strong word
I know
I’m quite interested
I know it shows
but I’m desperate here
you don’t understand
so allow me to kiss your hand

What have I done here?
You’ve shown me
the true meaning of fear
so if you don’t mind
I’ll just go
though it’s clear to see
you don’t like
hearing no.
Track Name: My Only
Do whatever you will
I’m at your mercy
Just go in for the kill

Please just let me go
one way or another
Why did I catch your eye?
And not some other?

Maybe I’m taking this wrong
is this my last chance?
I’ve been waiting for so long
for this last dance

You’re my only
I swear myself to you
whatever you need
oh yes I’ll be true

And forever I will kneel
if you agree
to this one little deal

and I can feel your hate
but just know,
that I need to be great

you’re my only
Track Name: How Long
I Don’t know
Why you’ve put me
In this position

At your feet
Here I lay,
I submit

But I guess
That’s the hand
I’ve been dealt

Trapped here
Hopeless, Breathless
Endless, Endless

And so there
Comes a time
For things to be discussed

Points exchanged
Compromise reached
I only wish to know

How Long?
How Long?

Am I to remain here
In the service
Of you?

Trapped here
Hopeless, Breathless
Endless, Endless

And so you
Mean to say
Eternity? Forever?

Well I refuse to believe that
We can find our way
around established

Rules, After all
Are made to be broken

Where’s your sense
Of adventure?

Trapped here
Hopeless, Breathless
Endless, Endless
Trapped here
Hopeless, Breathless
Endless, Endless
Track Name: An Interesting Life
I only wish
to lead an
interesting life

Not Reminisce
on that which
could have been

I’ll blaze a trail
For new
stories to tell

There is a way
For us to get
Away from here

But, We’ll have to pay
In more than
Blood sweat and tears

You see, the only thing
One part of us has
Got to stay

What’s that you say?
That’s something
You can’t give

Handed over
In some
Earlier deal

Well then, I get to say
That I guess that this
Is the end of us

It’s time
for me
to be lifted up

Away from here
Of course that means
I’ll be deeper
In your grasp

Held by your
Merest Whim

To Complete
the basest task

I can only hope
That some part of me

Forever a witness
To Magnificent

And I know
That I’ll
Be the source of endless strife

Is Why
You don’t wish for

An interesting